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About Us

PT. Young Shin World Zipper, a manufacturer specialized in zippers, was founded in 1992 and is located in Bandung, Indonesia. Together with the branches in Korea and China, YSW Zipper has gained trust from its customers ever since its establishment. The main branch situation in Indonesia consists of more than 300 employees who are ready to respond immediately to the clients’ needs and fully automating machines that can produce zippers right away on the spot, starting from tape weaving to dyeing, chain making, assembling, and packaging. The experience and know-how of YSW Zipper has provided a wider selection of zippers to its customers. Following the trend in which more diversified types of zippers emerge in the global zipper market, YSW Zipper has been developing itself consistently in order to meet each of its customer’s demand. The three company principals, including competitive price, excellent quality, and fast delivery system, have led YSW Zipper to become one of the leading zipper manufacturers in Asia. The company plans to further thrive as a trustful, reliable zipper manufacturer that can satisfy each and every customer’s needs in the 21st century.

Our History


PT. YSW Zipper was founded by Ie Seop Choi in Seoul, Korea and product marketing began.


The main branch of PT. YSW Zipper was established in Bandung, Indonesia.


The company’s own dyeing factory was founded and dyed tapes began to be produced. Molding system for plastic zippers and metal zippers was introduced, as well as die casting system that produces sliders and pull tap.


The company’s main branch moved its location to Kopo in Bandung, Indonesia, as an effort to expand the size of the factory.


PT. YSW Zipper acquired Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I Certification from Testex, Swiss. The name YSW was trademarked in Indonesia.


Coil foaming system for polyester coil zippers was introduced.

Our History


Tapes began to be processed and produced with the establishment of weaving factory.


Partial automation process in product production started for coil and plastic zippers.


Metal and coil zipper machines were added for sizes #8 and #10.


Automatic production line for invisible zipper was added.


Automatic plating machine for metal zippers was added and more automatic production line was added to the factory.


Automated assembling machines for sliders and die casting machines with higher capacity were added to production. Almost all zipper production process became automated.


Auto paint machines, whole tape process machines, auto coil forming, and auto sewing machines were installed, significantly increasing the overall productivity. Product recycling also begun.